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I happened upon a former classmate’s Facebook page and saw that there was an actual Facebook (um, person? what do you call a non-page/non-group?) contact for our high school’s alumni association. I added it (natch). Hilarity ensues…

I didn’t send that message of course. But it was at the back of my head. I have never been ashamed of coming from that high school. Let alone, coming from that town. Ok, I may need to scratch that last sentence off because I still love my friends and family there.

Anyway, the fact still remains: whoever’s running that page is probably logged in from Mandaluyong. The person is sick, I tell you. Sick.
However, I do want to meet this dude in person. I want to see how he holds up in confrontation. Kaso baka mabugbog ako sa sarili kong bayan. Pero, bahala na.

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Last night, as I was walking Tin to get a taxi, we saw Mitch and Justin (from Ciudad) walking away with their instruments. I turned to Tin and said, “shit, di na tuloy ang Ciudad“. Tin was ready to be a fangirl and maybe run over to them and talk. Which would be so uncool if she did it inside Cubao X, outisde, it’s fine. As long as there were nobody around.
Anyway, she didn’t talk to them and just got on the taxi. As she rode off, I saw Justin leaving Mitch’s car and carefully approaching where I was standing. So I waited for a few seconds (gathering some fanboy courage) and talked to him.
Di na kayo tuloy?
Oo eh. May kailangan kasi puntahan si Mitch. Tsaka medyo na-move din yung set naman. Supposedly, 10:30pm siya.
Ah ok. Sayang naman. Kayo pa naman iniintay ko dito
I was very awkward the whole time (I mean, this are my heroes for goodness sake). He introduced himself (as if I didn’t already know him) which is so un-rockstar-like. This is what indie is supposed to be like, man. Be friends with your fans. Make nice. Make fuckin’ nice.
I praised them for playing at Arlene’s Grocery a couple of months back and actually used the phrase “Mecca of Indie bands” to describe Arlene’s Grocery. Not surprisingly, he was also delighted of the thought of them playing there.
It was awesome. I’m doing this everytime I see them.

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