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I happened upon a former classmate’s Facebook page and saw that there was an actual Facebook (um, person? what do you call a non-page/non-group?) contact for our high school’s alumni association. I added it (natch). Hilarity ensues…

I didn’t send that message of course. But it was at the back of my head. I have never been ashamed of coming from that high school. Let alone, coming from that town. Ok, I may need to scratch that last sentence off because I still love my friends and family there.

Anyway, the fact still remains: whoever’s running that page is probably logged in from Mandaluyong. The person is sick, I tell you. Sick.
However, I do want to meet this dude in person. I want to see how he holds up in confrontation. Kaso baka mabugbog ako sa sarili kong bayan. Pero, bahala na.


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  1. blog says:

    Tangina nagdugo ilong ko.

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