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Vacation Week

The past week in bullets:

  • Monday – did nothing.
  • Tuesday – did nothing
  • Wednesday – watched Mad Men. Did nothing
  • Thursday – played badminton with my youngest brother under the rain. Stayed there maybe for an hour and finally sighed, “I’m too old for this shit.”
  • Friday – this day deserves sub-bullets
    • Met up with my high school teacher and classmates
    • Realized once more that I’ve changed a lot.
    • Brought a striped hoodie out of impulse; seriously, never do that.
    • Met my bestfriend’s wife. Meh.
    • Saw his son’s pictures. Yeah!
    • Had dinner with other highschool batch mates. I wasn’t surprised at all that they all own motor bikes. My bestfriend didn’t like the idea of me getting a vintage scooter. She thinks it’s stupid making me realize again how much I’ve changed.
    • Went back home to Cubao and arrived at around 12am — an hour before my friend’s farewell party in my former office.
    • I took a nap, and missed it by 4 hours.
  • Saturday – well the last two bullets were on a Saturday.
  • Saturday night – one of the best nights ever!
  • Sunday
    • swore to clean my room.
    • I didn’t do it. Instead, watched some more Mad Men until I caught up with the current season.
    • Cheered Don Draper.
    • Wished the week didn’t end cause I’m going back to work on Monday.

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