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Thoughts at 3 in the Morning

  • Usually, this is a time when you rant about how you’re unable to sleep and such. However, I did get some sleep; I’ve just woken up and I couldn’t seem to get back to the figurative bed. So, after 15 minutes of failed pooping and wrestling with my pillows, I asked myself why I can’t seem to get more than 6 straight hours of sleep. It just escapes me.
  • I also just realized how much stuff I have on me that I haven’t posted on the Internet yet. I can’t decide whether it’s because I’m too busy or too lazy. If you count watching a lot of Freaks and Geeks and tweeting productive, then yeah, I’ve been busy.
  • I guess my current goal is to post pictures, songs, and whatnot.
  • Speaking of songs, yes, I’ve written a few more stuff since my last post two months ago. I’ve recorded them to a demo, but I’m still iffy about them so I think I’ll re-record. Found a friend to join me in this project, maybe I’ll invite another. I want my music to sound as folksy and catchy as possible.
  • Speaking of my project, I wonder how I can get myself gigs without a manager, and without a natural ability to sell myself. I tried getting myself a show once (or twice), but I don’t think I can do it without feeling or sounding awkward. Thanks, self.
  • Speaking of awkwardness, I have a crush on Kate Torralba. I’ve met her a few times, I greet her sometimes on twitter, she greets back and actually remembers me during shows, but there’s just something about me that makes me act awkwardly when she’s around.
  • Speaking of crushes, what’s your definition of that word? I’m led to believe that girls and boys have different meanings to it, ’cause girls seem to take it the wrong way when I say I have a lot of crushes.

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