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What is Stress?

Presenting: The De-stressing Tea Mix

My job, just like any other, is pretty stressful. Percentage, acceptance rate, and pivots are just some of the words that I have to deal with on a daily basis. Admit it, just seeing numbers on the computer stresses you out. Not to mention commuting and office politics.

To cope, I play video games at home. And what is the best way to play video games? Play it with a drink. My choice of drink for today’s game is what I call “The Video Game Lipton Tea Concoction”

I pause the game a lot to drink some tea.

Just get a cup of hot water, 2 Kalamansi, a bag of Lipton Yellow Label Tea, and (my not so secret ingredient)  1 teaspoon of brown sugar. What you do with the brown sugar, I will never tell. Just mix them all together.

Voila. Instant stress elimination.

Look how incredibly unstressed I am.

Of course, the perfect anti-stress thingamajig would be an iPad 2, but, that’s up to you, Lipton.


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Hi, I’m Charles and I’m an Adult

Notice how I used my actual name instead of the modified one.

Today, I booked my first ever trip out of the country. I swear, I was really scared of clicking through an array of things and terms I have never seen before. Remember the first time (as Mario) you stepped in to World 8-1 of Supermario Bros. Fucken frightening. It was the exact same feeling I was having when I came across phrases like “Check Baggage” and “Return Flight”. I was all, “WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING”

All for the love of the sorcery that is known to us as Indie music.

Singapore St. Jerome Laneway Festival just announced their 2012 Line-up!

Toro Y Moi alone made me want to go there. So, without hesitation, I decided that I will postpone getting a MacBook Pro to book tickets to Singapore next year and get tickets to this thing.

Oh, Chaz.
The whole thing made me think of getting my own credit card! And along with finally coming to terms with my job, it made me feel like an actual adult.
I guess this is a good thing.
But I still wish I could be forever young.
Somebody fix me up with some pixie dust

What an incoherent blog post.

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Where Is My Blogging Mojo I Want It Back

Somewhere in the universe is my blogging mojo. I have lost it, but, I really hope I get it back. So, in the spirit of doing things once in a while, I’m posting a bunch of photos from the past few months that I have been too lazy to post.

Think of it as catching up with me time.

Went to a friend’s band’s last show

This is Kevin and Shinji

The venue was an art gallery


Finally met Chayenne from the Internet! That’s her boyfriend from Typecast.

Quiz night every Friday

Changed my avatar for most of my online accounts

Drew this on my office whiteboard. Nothing happens there.

Went to the Globe Tatt Awards

This Cherry. She was Giniling Festival’s former Road Manager

Cherry and Jeje

Knock knock. Who’s there? Marco Ho.

Giniling Festival

Had a date with my friend, Rachel

Got a passport!

Made a pact with my friend Tin to get thin in a month. I am failing.

Got a new haircut.

Impulse buy of the year.

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