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What is Stress?

Presenting: The De-stressing Tea Mix

My job, just like any other, is pretty stressful. Percentage, acceptance rate, and pivots are just some of the words that I have to deal with on a daily basis. Admit it, just seeing numbers on the computer stresses you out. Not to mention commuting and office politics.

To cope, I play video games at home. And what is the best way to play video games? Play it with a drink. My choice of drink for today’s game is what I call “The Video Game Lipton Tea Concoction”

I pause the game a lot to drink some tea.

Just get a cup of hot water, 2 Kalamansi, a bag of Lipton Yellow Label Tea, and (my not so secret ingredient)  1 teaspoon of brown sugar. What you do with the brown sugar, I will never tell. Just mix them all together.

Voila. Instant stress elimination.

Look how incredibly unstressed I am.

Of course, the perfect anti-stress thingamajig would be an iPad 2, but, that’s up to you, Lipton.


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