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Sara Jimenez Appreciation Post

Ever since Work of Art: The Next Great Artist started its second season, I’ve always had an eye on Sara Jimenez.
So I started taking screen caps of her on the show. That’s not creepy, right?
I mean, just look at her.
Look at how cool she is smoking.
Smoking hot.
Sara and this season’s winner, Kymia
My heart really went out for her when she spilled her emotions out in one of the crits.
Listening to the crit.

Occupy Wall st. COOL BEANS

Listening to the crit seriously.
Listening to the crit with a giggle.
She’s part Filipino, btw.

This is Sara going out of her element.

Waltzing to her studio wearing a dress and sneakers.
Explaining her show to Simone de Pury
She didn’t win, but she won my heart. WAT

LOL. Anyway, in all seriousness, I actually think she’s a great artist. I think China Chow said it best in the finale: “Sara, you showed amazing growth over the course of the competition. And the risks that you took in your final show were very impressive.”

To see some of her work, go to

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