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The 260 of 365 in 2011 Project Challenge

  1. to track all the movies i watch throughout the course of the year.
  2. watch a movie for every weekday of 2011
a few rules
  1. you don’t have to watch on a weekday, you just have to reach at least 260 movies. this means, you can watch multiple movies in a day (even on weekends) if backlogged.
  2. no repeat counting. if you’ve seen a movie more than once, it only counts as one.
  3. short films are not counted (although, this is still debatable)
  4. old films are counted as long as they’re not repeats from this year’s list
  5. write a short and simple review or description of the movie (cause everybody knows i can’t write as well as the folks over at Pelikula)
  6. must post the intertitle or the poster along with your review
  7. post on Tumblr and with “260 of 365” as a tag
i’m doing this really, because i love watching films. however, i do have problems with sticking with a plan (last years project 365 ended at post number 2) which is why i’m calling it a challenge. in 2010, i think i saw about 100-150 movies. i don’t think that’s enough to actually call myself a movie enthusiast.
so, how about it?

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