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Bored to Death

While effectively dying of boredom in the office, I started to read The IT Crowd episodes I had seen earlier. One of them was “Moss and the German” where Moss enrolls for a German cookery class only to find out that it was actually an ad for a German cannibal seeking for a willing victim (a parody of the Armin Meiwes incident).

Wait, what?

A parody? Of a german cannibal cook who invited willing-to-be-killed-and-devoured-guests-over-the-internet?

The curious person screamed “YOU HAVE GOT TO READ UP ON THAT” and clicked the Armin Meiwes link before finishing the original article I was reading. So there I was, learning about this German who achieved notoriety for killing and eating a voluntary victim whom he had found via the internet. But this is not what this entry is about.

After skimming throughout the page, in the “See also” section of the article says “Internet homicide”. I remember asking myself, “there’s more?”
The internet: never ceases to surprise you. I feel like it’s a giant jigsaw puzzle and I’ve only been piecing the corner.

Anyway, after clicking on Internet homicide and learning about various internet related crimes, right down at the “See also” section, I see “Internet suicide”. By this time, one would expect to be prepared for anything. But I end up asking typical ol’ me, “there’s more?”

So yeah, internet suicides, most of them happening in Japan (not surprised at all), or cybersuicides is where individuals meet on the internet and eventually agreeing to end their own lives. Pretty simple and straight forward.

I skim through the whole thing, and as you’d expect, right at the See also section are two links: Internet homicide, and Online predator. These don’t appeal to me anymore since I just read Internet homicide and I thought that Online predators are just a bunch of pedos trying to lure teens to go to one place and rape them.

What caught my eye was this once incident where a person was sentenced to death by hanging because he allegedly murdered three participants in their suicide pact. What amuses me, is that it could’ve been really his plan for his own suicide afterall. I mean, if he really wanted to murder people and kill himself, why not let the world know, right? So he killed those three idiots (really, someone beat you to killing yourself?) and got himself executed. It will all make sense in 5 minutes.

I clicked on “death by hanging” which had a wikipedia page of its own. Two pages, actually. The other is a 1968 film by Nagisa Oshima (now, I gotta see that).

So there I was, learning about one of the most famous lethal executions (around this time, I was reminiscing the time when I saw Saddam’s execution. It was camera phone footage and it made me feel cool that I was seeing that. I even posted it, privately, in one of my multiply accounts. But that’s not what this is about.

I happen to the right of the page and see “Part of a series on CAPITAL PUNISHMENT”. Oh my word. It was getting darker and darker by the minute.

Never in my life did I think that I would know that Saddam had 12 Milky Ways before his death. One con had seconds of his special meal. One had a bucket of KFC Originals. One guy’s special meal was “Justice, Equality, World Peace.” you had a hint that that guy was a lunatic. One planned to eat so much that he wouldn’t fit the electric chair. Genius? Nope, didn’t work. One requested for a large vegetarian pizza to be given to a homeless person ni Nashville, Tennesse but was denied by the prison. However, it was carried out by others across the US. Imagine you are sitting on a stool hours before your death, and all you can think of was the hobos of Nashville. But this is not what this is about.

This is about one of the cruelest capital punishments I’ve ever read about. All my life, I thought that it was just death by hanging, lethal injection, electric chair, fire squad, and beheading. There were other capital punishments, but one really stood out in my imagination — death by boiling.

Death by boiling is a method of execution in which a person is immersed in a boilingliquid such as water or oil.

Imagine yourself getting some hot water from the dispenser to make coffee. Then you accidentally splash some hot water on your hands. If that hasn’t happened to you because you’re too careful, well, you know why you’re being too careful.
Imagine yourself under a shower and you accidentally switched the hot water too hot. Remember that feeling?

Now, imagine a person, who is alive, sitting on a giant pot or a reservoir of some sort. The water, or oil, starts getting warmer. Heating up minute after minute until you see little bubbles emerging from the bottom of the pot. The small bubbles turn into big ones bursting once reaching the surface. By this time, if you’re the person sitting there, you’re probably already screaming in pain, like a million pins are pricking your skin, or as if you were rolling in the Sahara or something.

I won’t continue anymore cause I’m running out of things that would compare to being boiled in hot oil. But you get the point, right? This must be the cruelest of all punishments — ever. And I’ve read about Disembowelment and Stoning. Whoever the recepients of such probably did something really wrong, like piss off a king or the pope or something.
Whatever they did, I still think it’s too much.

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