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Attention Span

How can a person increase his attention span? (it took me 5 minutes to write another sentence after that one). In the years that I’ve known myself, I rarely read books or even comic books. Things seem to get boring for me so I move to another thing. Do I need to be really interested to do something that requires a lot of attention? Or am I just lazy? Cause I like watching movies — that I like. It really just seems I’m doing what I like and enjoy doing.

Recently, I tried listening to FS Fritzgerald’s The Great Gatsby for my friends’ Tumblr book club. After the first chapter, I can’t seem to grasp anything anymore. It really sucks. I mean, what happened, not the book. The book seems nice. The author has a great way of describing things (which is what I need to get out of this reading/listening to books business) which is kind of how most writers write (which is kind of how I’d like to write cause writing like a 12-year old really isn’t the way to go no more; being 26 and all).

Bottom line: I don’t like reading and I don’t know why. I’d love to love to read, though.

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