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Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Go get your rings ready, it’s time to combine our powers and shout “GO PLANET!”

*Queue in Captain Planet’s theme song

I think one of my fondest memories as a child was watching the first Captain Planet series (not the lame one by Hanna-Barbera) anchored by a mullet-wearing green-colored super-man named Captain Planet. Friday nights, 7pm. My full attention shifts to watching 5 randomly cool teenagers from all over the world with extra cool powers with even cooler rings.

You can totally trust the mullet guy. I mean, he’s flying.

The 5 teenagers, or planeteers, have these powers to control an element of nature given to themby Gaia, spirit of the Earth. The 5 are Kwame (from Africa, controlling Earth), Wheeler (from North America, controlling Fire), Linka (from the Russian Federation, controlling Wind), Gi (from Asia, controlling Water), and Ma-Ti (from South America, controlling the extra element of Heart). I would describe these characters more but I’m too tired to type. They’re on Wikipedia anyway. What I know that’s not in their wikipage is that I always wanted Wheeler and Linka to be together.

Anyway, there’s been a villain lurking our planet right now called Global Warming. It’s up to us prevent it using our own magical rings. Our element being heart.

Heart? You mean we can talk to animals and be almost telephatics? No. Of course not. That one’s taken already. When I say heart, I mean, won’t your prying heart be a little bit concerned about what’s going on with our ridiculous weather? Aren’t you feeling sympathetic for our bare-treed forests? Aren’t you sick of the horrible humidity? Listen real close, ’cause your heart is telling you something.

Do something.

Join me, and a few thousand people, and take part in UNTV’s Isang Araw Para sa Kalikasan campaign through different critical watersheds nationwide. We’re planting around 50,000 seedlings and will take care of it for at least 3 years (so you know I’m not kidding around). The cause will be held on October 10, 2010 while celebrating Ang Dating Daan’s 30th anniversary on the air.

10.10.10. How cool is that? Do something historic on a historic date.

What, your fat-surrounded heart is too lazy to move on a sluggish Sunday morning? You can do other stuff of course. Click through this link and see. Most of them, you can do in the comfort of your own room.

Listen to what your heart says. It’s the purest of all the elements. It’s been planted with the seeds of love, caring, and compassion. Unless you’re Duke Nukem of course.

Duke Nukem was an environmental douche. You don’t want that label, yes?

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