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Download a full Radiohead concert from Prague


Radiohead decided that giving away free music wasn’t enough. So they decided to give away a free dvd online. The dvd is of a show they did in Prague, and the footage is shot by the people in attendance. So it’s kinda like that Daft Punk music video. Neat. The site is running very very slow though. So be warned. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of downloading it, all the songs are on youtube.

so i was having a conversation with this co-worker of mine about radiohead. he claims they became “weird” after ok computer. i was all “are you f*cken serious? they got better! and you call them your favorite band? asshole.” ok, so i made up the last two sentences and may have exaggerated certain adverbs/adjectives, but still. he even told me that their last album release was this year and that they had an album before pablo honey.

number 1, i’d believe him that there was a demo before pablo honey, but i’d never call it an album.

number 2, i didn’t believe for one second that they released something this year. i’d have known about it for sure. but i wasn’t sure, so i had to come home to check the internet. wikipedia says no. and we all know if it doesn’t say it in wikipedia, it’s not true.

so, f*ck you co-worker. i knew right from the start you were full of crap.

anyway, here’s the link for downloading the dvd.

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A Mark Zuckerberg Post

(Dude, this is Blogspot. What are you doing writing LiveJournal titles?)

As many already know, Mark Zuckerberg is Facebook’s creator, owner, and whatever-it-is-as-long-as-the-word-facebook-is-in-it-thats-him.

I recently learned, though, that he recently made himself un-blockable on his site.

What a douche.

So, I Facebook-searched him with the hopes of adding him or just find out for myself that he can’t be blocked. Turns out, he can’t be added either.

Seriously, Zuck? Seriously?
Since I can’t do much about it, I just examined his profile. So, like everyone else, I go to his photos first.
What a self-centered b-tch. Random Press photos? Who manages his Facebook account, his mother? Believe me, only mothers, and to a small extent, fathers, takes clippings of his son’s press photos. I know this cause it kinda happened to me. Back when I was hosting a children’s show, my parents, when they’d introduce me to somebody, would tell these folks that I’m hosting X show and doing Y thing. It was crazy.
***Funny how the way they express that they’re proud of you, is also the most embarrassing thing they do. Don’t worry, they don’t read this. Lol.
Next: About Me
Dear Zuck, your bio sounds like a mission/vision statement. Also, if the word bio means life, does this mean you’re trying to make every thing public? Are you trying to uncover the secrets of the White House?
***President Clinton: Just had amazing head from Nicky. Lol.
And now that you’ve launched Facebook places, the world seems to be getting smaller and smaller, Zuck.
You know what my theory is? My theory is that Zuck is trying to get revenge from the people who’ve rejected him during his formative years. You know, jocks, cheerleaders, every cute girl ever, and he just wants them to know how successful he is right now. So he’s using whatever information former-highschool-crush-who-didn’t-want-to-go-out-with-him-cause-he’s-a-geek puts in her Facebook to his advantage. Like if she has kids, he kidnaps them. Or if captain-of-the-football-team-who-humiliated-him-in-front-of-everybody ever goes to work (at the gasoline station), he sends in his Facebook goons to beat the guy up to a lump.
I bet that’s what’s happening here. Cause, hey, if I manage to turn a college thesis into a global success, I’d do it. I’d rub it on everybody-from-my-highschool’s face. It’s revenge of the nerds, billions of dollars edition.
P.S. Mark Zuckerberg, if you’ve accidentally stumbled upon this site after your mother sends you the link after googling your name, please know that this is just fun. Nothing serious. I love Facebook (cause I’m totally doing every thing in that paragraph). Please don’t kick me out of the internet.

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