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The Home of NU Rock

In a few hours, we’ll be saying goodbye to one of the Philippine’s iconic FM stations, NU 107.

I’m not gonna lie to you. I haven’t been listening to a hint of radio since 6 years ago. I have shunned it for principle reasons (in other words, I watched Fight Club). But before that period, nothing else was playing in my ears but NU.

It’s where I learned what good music really was. It’s where I made ironing my own clothes not feel like a chore. It’s where I drown all my problems away. It was the home of new rock. A sudden influx of youngsters who instantly dreamed of being on radio too. That’s why our current music scene is so rich right now. No, it’s not because of technology, it’s because something inspired us who we wanted to be. It stared right into our eyes and pointed out what our passion should be.

Music. Music not heard by many. Music not heard by your parents, your siblings even. Music that, because you’re listening to it, made you feel really cool and really good about yourself. It was new rock.

It had a home and now it passes it on to our hearts. Long live NU 107. Long live music.

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