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Sedentary Lifestyle

A.K.A. slacking off, couch potato person, sofa spud.

In other words, my life.
I bet, from those first two sentences, you’ll know exactly how I learned the term Sedentary Lifestyle. Yes, from browsing the internet too much.
Here’s another term to ponder on: Visceral Fat. It really sounded catchy, which is why I googled it as soon as I read it. In layman’s terms, it’s fat on your belly. Fat you get for having a sedentary lifestyle.
Cool. Now I can stop wondering why I have a big belly despite not drinking alcohol at all.
Go read up on them yourself. I feel too lazy (even on the internet) to explain, darnit. Too lazy. Even on the internet. Probably why I’m blogging like this right now. Laziness.
So now I’m planning on maybe playing basketball again to burn all the ‘potential energy’ stored in my mid-section. Well, at least that’s the plan. You all know how I am with execution.

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