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First Week

As most of you probably don’t know, I moved to a new job after 4 months of “work” with *Aero ProSystem. I didn’t really want to leave them (for various reasons) but my friend Lalaine presented me with a godfather offer: day job, less work/responsiblity, and more money. I’ve been working for at least 6 years and I’ve never been across an oppurtunity like that. So, naturally, I grabbed it and served a 30-day resignation period with Aero.
To tell you honestly, I wasn’t really expecting anything from this new company I’m gonna call CityLove (CL). As Phil Dunphy would say, “The key to happiness is to set low expectations”, a life lesson I learned during year 25.
With zero expectations and the least amount of anticipation, I was surprised by what I saw. The only thing I’m gonna say is, unlike VEX, the people here know what they’re doing. They’re working at a really high level of effort and accuracy with little resource.
Since it’s my first week, I haven’t done squat. They showed me a peak of what I’d be doing for a lot of my time which all seemed really easy to me. *Dancing inside my heart*.
The only setback for this “too good to be true” stint is there’s no internet, which means I’m writing this on a notepad right now and will be sending to myself later. I say, this is self-progress (I’ve been trying to stay away from the internet for the longest time). MP3 players aren’t allowed, so I’m typing away to the sound of an annoying agent. Also, the bathroom isn’t “number 2” friendly.
Other than that, everything else seems nice. The bosses are warm, my teammates are funny, my seat is soft, and there are lazy boys in the sleeping room.

*i don’t think i should name the companies i’ve worked in. or should i?

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A New Hope

Although I vowed long ago to quit talking about things too personal, I felt compelled to announce the world that I have quit work to become a full-time songwriter.


Yeah, I’m a wuss. I need financial security. I need something to keep me alive (read: keep myself from returning to my parents’ house) and pay the rent. Something that will show up in my bank account every 2 weeks.

Yes, I have quit my current job for a new, better paying one. Not that my current one isn’t paying me good enough already, but, you know, I just don’t like it there. I feel like it’s been sucking my brain for the past year. It’s that bad. I can’t believe I stayed there for a year.

So, when the opportunity presented itself, I naturally grabbed it — for 30% more money! Who would pass up more money? Let me rephrase that. Who would pass up an opportunity to leave a miserable life at work? For more money?

I sound like I love money. I don’t, but I don’t hate it either. I need it for stuff (tickets to Singapore!) and some other stuff (an electric guitar!) and even more stuff (more hoodies!).

Anyway, I would gladly treat anyone for ice cream when I get my first paycheck. Just leave a comment here or something.

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