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Never Meant

Kids, as an adult person, you should learn to accept things that will never go your way. Things that seem right, yet always go wrong. Never force anything; let everything come naturally. And understand, some things are just never meant.


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Thoughts at 3 in the Morning

  • Usually, this is a time when you rant about how you’re unable to sleep and such. However, I did get some sleep; I’ve just woken up and I couldn’t seem to get back to the figurative bed. So, after 15 minutes of failed pooping and wrestling with my pillows, I asked myself why I can’t seem to get more than 6 straight hours of sleep. It just escapes me.
  • I also just realized how much stuff I have on me that I haven’t posted on the Internet yet. I can’t decide whether it’s because I’m too busy or too lazy. If you count watching a lot of Freaks and Geeks and tweeting productive, then yeah, I’ve been busy.
  • I guess my current goal is to post pictures, songs, and whatnot.
  • Speaking of songs, yes, I’ve written a few more stuff since my last post two months ago. I’ve recorded them to a demo, but I’m still iffy about them so I think I’ll re-record. Found a friend to join me in this project, maybe I’ll invite another. I want my music to sound as folksy and catchy as possible.
  • Speaking of my project, I wonder how I can get myself gigs without a manager, and without a natural ability to sell myself. I tried getting myself a show once (or twice), but I don’t think I can do it without feeling or sounding awkward. Thanks, self.
  • Speaking of awkwardness, I have a crush on Kate Torralba. I’ve met her a few times, I greet her sometimes on twitter, she greets back and actually remembers me during shows, but there’s just something about me that makes me act awkwardly when she’s around.
  • Speaking of crushes, what’s your definition of that word? I’m led to believe that girls and boys have different meanings to it, ’cause girls seem to take it the wrong way when I say I have a lot of crushes.

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I can’t believe it’s been almost three months since my last post here. I blame laziness, and, ironically, my hectic schedule. Too busy doing stuff, and probably too uninspired to write. My remedy for this is just upload pictures or videos of whatever it is I was doing. Like this one:

Cynthia Alexander – Comfort In Your Strangeness from Charls Dumaraos on Vimeo.

Here’s a couple of photos from shows I’ve seen:

Anyway, I thought you must know that I’m working on a Demo EP for my solo project, promptly called “Dumaraos”. I’ll post something as soon as it’s ready for download.

Lastly, I’m finally moving out of my mom’s house! I’m so excited. I’ve been staying here for the last 6 months and I can’t really say I loved staying here.

Here’s to independence!

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First Week

As most of you probably don’t know, I moved to a new job after 4 months of “work” with *Aero ProSystem. I didn’t really want to leave them (for various reasons) but my friend Lalaine presented me with a godfather offer: day job, less work/responsiblity, and more money. I’ve been working for at least 6 years and I’ve never been across an oppurtunity like that. So, naturally, I grabbed it and served a 30-day resignation period with Aero.
To tell you honestly, I wasn’t really expecting anything from this new company I’m gonna call CityLove (CL). As Phil Dunphy would say, “The key to happiness is to set low expectations”, a life lesson I learned during year 25.
With zero expectations and the least amount of anticipation, I was surprised by what I saw. The only thing I’m gonna say is, unlike VEX, the people here know what they’re doing. They’re working at a really high level of effort and accuracy with little resource.
Since it’s my first week, I haven’t done squat. They showed me a peak of what I’d be doing for a lot of my time which all seemed really easy to me. *Dancing inside my heart*.
The only setback for this “too good to be true” stint is there’s no internet, which means I’m writing this on a notepad right now and will be sending to myself later. I say, this is self-progress (I’ve been trying to stay away from the internet for the longest time). MP3 players aren’t allowed, so I’m typing away to the sound of an annoying agent. Also, the bathroom isn’t “number 2” friendly.
Other than that, everything else seems nice. The bosses are warm, my teammates are funny, my seat is soft, and there are lazy boys in the sleeping room.

*i don’t think i should name the companies i’ve worked in. or should i?

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The 260 of 365 in 2011 Project Challenge

  1. to track all the movies i watch throughout the course of the year.
  2. watch a movie for every weekday of 2011
a few rules
  1. you don’t have to watch on a weekday, you just have to reach at least 260 movies. this means, you can watch multiple movies in a day (even on weekends) if backlogged.
  2. no repeat counting. if you’ve seen a movie more than once, it only counts as one.
  3. short films are not counted (although, this is still debatable)
  4. old films are counted as long as they’re not repeats from this year’s list
  5. write a short and simple review or description of the movie (cause everybody knows i can’t write as well as the folks over at Pelikula)
  6. must post the intertitle or the poster along with your review
  7. post on Tumblr and with “260 of 365” as a tag
i’m doing this really, because i love watching films. however, i do have problems with sticking with a plan (last years project 365 ended at post number 2) which is why i’m calling it a challenge. in 2010, i think i saw about 100-150 movies. i don’t think that’s enough to actually call myself a movie enthusiast.
so, how about it?

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Obligatory Year-End Blog Post

I can’t think of anything, so here’s a photo of me and my Taxi ni Vivian band mate, Tin. She was the first of a slew of new friends I’ve met this and was integral in meeting them. 2010, for me, was about new things and staying the same old me.

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Starbucks Terminologies

If you’ve never been to a Starbucks before, you’ll probably have the same problem I had when I purchased my first ever cup of coffee: their naming convention. Well, that and besides their lack of seats (maybe there’s just too many folks hanging out there).

I got strange looks from strangers when I was asking for a medium sized Caramel Frappe. “Ah, ‘Grande’ sir.” “OK, whatever you say.”

At first, I thought it was crazy to call the smallest cup “Tall”, the medium one “Grande” and the tallest cup “Venti”. Not until I Googled it that I realized there was a smaller cup they called “Short” (thus, explaining Tall). Grande is Italian for big (which only makes sense when you compare it to Tall), and Venti means 20 ounces. Those pretentious muthers.

Anyway, ’tis the season for yuppies to be enslaved by these pretentious a-holes. For every purchase, earns you a sticker. Get enough stickers, you get a slick Starbucks Planner in exchange. And if Starbucks wasn’t pretentious enough (seriously, ‘pretentious’ is the only word I will be describing them), they also named the colors of their planners differently:

  • Red = Velvet
  • Gray = Metallic
So why are they calling their product a very ordinary ‘planner’? Let’s take it up a notch and list down a few possible names for the planner:
  • Starbucks Agenda Rememberer
  • Starbucks Unimportant Events Logbook
  • Starbucks Circumstance/Excuse Recorder
  • Starbucks Chronology of Affairs Lister
Those are just some of my ideas ( helped). What are yours?

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Last night, I saw a cab named after me. Jeez. You’d sometimes think that you’ve created something that’s so original that nobody else thought about it then one time this shows up.

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Here’s Plan B

The first time I ever saw The Purplechickens play was when they played with my cousin’s band, Giniling Festival, in one of their first gigs I attended. This was probably in Mayric’s (now Sazi’s) circa 2003. Giniling Festival was fairly new, so they played last (I think) and unleashed one of the greatest local performances I’ve ever seen (before they started, Jeje shouted “ANG UMUWE, MAMAMATAY“. golden.)

Anyway, one of the bands that night was, well, Purplechickens. I remember my cousin remarking, “galing nila ‘no?“. And I agreed completely. Like a small town boy getting told what to do.

After a year, the Purplechickens released their album Here’s Plan B. Naturally, my cousin bought one out of admiration for the band and naturally, he shared the love.

And love I received. The album was smashing. Brilliant. Remarkable. Outstanding. I found myself listening to the album on a loop while playing NBA Live 2003. It was one of those records you’d love from start to finish. Just like the other 4 of my top 5 OPM albums (no order):

  • Cambio – Derby Light
  • Sugarfree – Sa Wakas
  • Itchyworms – Noon Time Show
  • Eraserheads – Natin99
A few years passed, I lost all data from my old PC. I was contacting the band about getting their last copy, but for some reason, the idea drifted. Recently, I was asking them again about it but they already have sold it.
So much for musical cravings.
One day, Kathy G., tweeted that she won P2,000 from the local lottery. And you just know I was gonna joke about getting balato. Instead of letting me in for free at her production that coming Saturday, she gave me a couple of links that literally made me want to cry. One of them was the record I’ve been craving for for the last 4 or so years.
Suddenly, I feel like one of the Survivor players where food was scarce and really cherished it when they won food rewards. It was amazing. I’m still listening to the album as of this writing. And yes, hints of tears.

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The Home of NU Rock

In a few hours, we’ll be saying goodbye to one of the Philippine’s iconic FM stations, NU 107.

I’m not gonna lie to you. I haven’t been listening to a hint of radio since 6 years ago. I have shunned it for principle reasons (in other words, I watched Fight Club). But before that period, nothing else was playing in my ears but NU.

It’s where I learned what good music really was. It’s where I made ironing my own clothes not feel like a chore. It’s where I drown all my problems away. It was the home of new rock. A sudden influx of youngsters who instantly dreamed of being on radio too. That’s why our current music scene is so rich right now. No, it’s not because of technology, it’s because something inspired us who we wanted to be. It stared right into our eyes and pointed out what our passion should be.

Music. Music not heard by many. Music not heard by your parents, your siblings even. Music that, because you’re listening to it, made you feel really cool and really good about yourself. It was new rock.

It had a home and now it passes it on to our hearts. Long live NU 107. Long live music.

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